line october adsHey, guys! Long time no see! I’ve got five new outfits for you, I hope you like them! They mix and match pretty well. The romper and suit come in pieces and I’m really excited to see what outfits people come up with! If you take a picture of your outfit with my items feel free to share it on the (fd) flickr group!


P.S. I’m sorry for the mess in the main store I’m currently working on a new build!


slurl to mainstore:

flapper ad0222

So I know this post is about half a month late. I vanished into a black hole for a bit but now I’m back! I gotta say I really enjoyed this month’s C88 theme a whole lot! I love doing period piece stuff. While my pic above is definitely my modern interpretation of a flapper girl’s spirit, I have a soft spot for stuff that’s pretty historically accurate, too! I spent a lot of time reading about the flat chested, young boyish style of the 1920′s and even bought a book of tons of old patterns. I was really struck by three different outfits in the book so I decided to make them. Hope you had fun dressing up this month!

c88 aug frock

c88 aug underclothes

c88 aug coat


hair fair ad 2013


It’s that time again! This year I’ve got 5 styles in two versions each and some new ombre color packs! My hairs this year are modern interpretations of the Sailor Scouts. All the accessories are tintable and the hat can be taken off and worn with other hairs! Hope you like them!


P.S. I’ll be getting my old C88 stuff up in the main store over the next couple days! <3

jelly vendor

So thanks to Collabor88 driving all my friends down the 90′s nostalgia road I was reminded tonight that I’d made jellies before. Some of you may remember these prim monsters from wayyyyy back and I’ve had a few requests for them over the years so I thought it might be fun to release them again.

Some info before you buy:

  • These suckers are oldddd! I made them way back before anyone even knew what a sculpty was.
  • They’re kinda messy up close. I’ve tried to clean them up a bit tonight but there are still some strange seams. You really can’t tell from far back but if you zoom in, if you hate seams, you might freak out a little. I made lighter versions of all the colors with less shadow on the texture to help it blend together a bit better.
  • They’re modify so you can play with the size and transparency and even tint some of them, just remember to make a copy first!
  • They fit over the av shape without a foot shaper and also fit over mesh feet, too!
  • Get all 22 colors for just $L100

Out now at my main store in Tableau! Landmark/Slurl

It’s that time again! Boy do I love this theme! I can’t wait to go back to the event once things clear out a bit and throw my money at all the other designers. And if you haven’t seen it already, the Collabor88 site has a total revamp. My favorite new thing is the catalog. Anyway enough rambling! Here are my item lookbooks for this round!


C88 June Lookbook #1



(fd) Skater Dress – Red [At C88 now]
(fd) Crew Crop – Black [At C88 now]
(fd) Opaque Tights -Black [On Marketplace]
(fd) Creeper Shades [At main store]
(fd) Pretty Lady Shoes [not for sale while I revamp them]
(fd) Sunday (Hair) [At main store]


C88 June Lookbook #2



(fd) Boatneck Dress – Dark Pink [At C88 now]
(fd) Bossy Boots – White Wingtip [At The Arcade now]
(fd) Heart Purse – Black [On Marketplace]
(fd) Creeper Shades [At main store]
(fd) Classic Rebel (hair) [No longer available]
(fd) Jackalope Necklace [At mainstore]
(fd) Cave Necklace – Short [No longer available]


C88 June Lookbook #3




(fd) Tank Babydoll – Blue [At C88 now]
(fd) Nightmare Fuel (Vintage 90s Toy) [At C88 now]
(fd) Bossy Boots – Plain Dark Brown [At The Arcade now]
(fd) Bossy Boots Socks [Free at Main store]
(fd) Crew Crop – White [At C88 now]
(fd) Mesh Knee Highs [Out on marketplace and mainstore in a million colors soon!]
(fd) New Romance Side Bangs (Hair) [At main store]



C88 June Lookbook #4




(fd) Overalls – Light Denim [At c88 now]
(fd) Crop Crew – Puppy Kitty Kisses [At C88 now]
(fd) Teddy Backpack Pal – Blonde [At C88 now]
(fd) Bossy Boots – Shiny Black [At The Arcade now]
(fd) Bossy Boots Socks [Free at main store]
(fd) Beanie Baby (Hair) [At main store]



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