New skins are out!

Where to start… Hmph. Well, I’ve ditched a few skin tones; Six were just way too many to manage every single time I wanted to make new skins. I’ve just got three now: Bird Skin (lighter than the old bird skin), Morning Sun (pretty much the same) and Earth Flower (which is more like the old Singing Grandpa tone, I think). I also now have the skins pretty much divided into packs of six makeups. You can buy them on their own for $500 each or get the fatpack for $2500.  Each makeup comes with 5 options: Blonde brows, brown brows, black brows, red brows and freckles. Oh, wait, the Earth Flower skins don’t come with blonde brows because when I tried them on I looked like an idiot.  You can find the skins in the little shack attached to the FD store in Tableau.

I have to go buy dinner but later I’ll post pictures of the skin vendors so you can ch-ch-check it out without having to deal with Tableau (the laggiest motherfucker ever). Ok, I love you, bye!

sdfsadf one last thing! I really rushed to get these skins out so if there’s a mistake with a vendor, like you didn’t get the the right skin or something, please send me a notecard and I’ll get things fixed as soon as I can!

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