Culture Fusion Collabor88

Here are my Collabor88 items for January! I made some culture inspired tattoo face decals and picked out some complimentary hair styles to go with it! I also made brand new textures because I love love love crazy hair colors! In case you can’t tell what’s going on in the little teasers…

Russia: Russian doll inspired makeup.

France: Fancy lead based facial powder and beauty mark.

Mexico: Sugar skull inspired face paint.

Sweden: Pippi Longstocking inspired freckles and blush.

Japan: High up pink blush with a shiny silver star on the cheek.


Come on down when the clock hits midnight! Or if you sleep like a normal person come any time this month! Collabor88 is a month long event starting on the 8th of every month!

The official Collabor88 site:

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