3am C88 Post!

c88 feb ad

While I still have enough sanity left let me first say that for this months collabor88 I’ve made a long, loose T. It comes in quite a few color options: Plain theme colors, polkadots and stripes. With so many projects coming up I didn’t have much time to do something very elaborate this month but on the plus side these shirts are super versatile!

p.s. Sorry for the low quality ads! The keyboard for my main computer broke out of nowhere. It was either that cup of tea I spilled on it or the farts my cats like to blast on it while I’m trying to watch netflix.   My tablet is also hiding somewhere on the floor under a pile of clothes and I just don’t have the will to lean slightly to the right to feel around for it soooo… touchpad drawn logo for you! Also I’ve said February so many times in my head trying to make sure I spelled it correctly that it doesn’t even sound like a word anymore. I really need to stop typing… I hope you all have fun at c88 this month! And hopefully you’re all asleep right now!

One thought on “3am C88 Post!

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