Calling all bloggers!

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Hi, everyone! I’ve decided it’s time for me to come out from under my rock and pay more attention to all you lovely bloggers! I’m opening up a brand new bloggers list and everyone is welcome to apply! Some of you have already sent me notecards and I’ve been so busy I’m just now getting to them. I’ve got lots of events coming up and will try my best to let everyone know I saw their notecard but it may take some time! Here are some things I’m looking for:

*Blogging for more than 3 months (I want to make sure you’re in it for the long haul).

*Blogging regularly.

*Consistency in quality.

*Shadows enabled or at least nice lighting.

*Products are easy to see (not blurry, very dark lighting)

These of course are not requirements to apply. I know some very talented bloggers with great style who can’t use shadows because of computer issues or can’t use photoshop. If your blog is under 3 months but feel that your style suits (fd) items well please still apply! What I’m looking for more than anything is a sense of style I feel goes well with (fd) items. Then I’m looking at presentation and finally the age of the blog.


Things to note about (fd) clothes:

*Made for standard sized avs!

*99% Women’s items but I am considering branching out into men’s.

*Some items are hand drawn (not photosourced).


Please apply by sending me a notecard that says – Blogger Request – (your name)

and including all relevant information you think I should see!


Ok, I think that’s everything.

Happy blogging!

3 thoughts on “Calling all bloggers!

  1. Toast Bard

    Hi :)! I haven’t had a chance to get through all of them just yet but when I do I’ll be sending everyone who applied a little present to thank them for being patient while my RL is crazy!

  2. I applied too, and i had to say Thank You for your response to the above question of had you checked out notecards yet. I think that is so so fantastic that you value bloggers enough that you are letting everyone know that applied that you received their applications. Thank You for that!

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