Feb, March, April & May C88 in Store!

fd store c88 update bw for blogI’ve been slacking in the main store updating department. Big time! But no more! Yes, the store is still in chaos but these items should be easy enough to find! Just go in the store and head left, they’re on the walls behind the skins. (New main store coming soon soon soon I swear!)

Update includes:


-Meteorite Belt

-Small Metal Collar

-Metallic Crop Top

-Mermaid Dress


-Kimono Top

-Comet Tail Skirt

-Space Shoes



-Bossy Bun

-Bossy Updo

-Bossy Ponytail




-Beat Up Jeans

-Long Button Shirt

-Fuzzy Cropped Sweater



-Full Spring Skirt

-Petal Wrap Skirt

-Spring Button Top

-Spring Plunge Corset

-Spring Skater Skirt

-Spring Wrap Top



And here’s a picture of my cat. Hopefully that makes up for slow updates!

cute bear


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