Hair Fair Teasers Part 2

As promised here’s part 2 of my teasers! If you missed my post yesterday explaining my inspiration behind these hairs you can find it here:

-Link to part 1-

Now on with the show!



hair fair crystal ad (1)

People are just drawn to Crystal. You can’t help it. Her wild past has made her wise beyond her years and given her an uncanny understanding of human behavior. Her avid love for the macabre, vintage fashion, penis shaped donuts and disabled animals guarantees there is always a party going on in Crystal’s mind and you hope to be invited. RuPaul is probably there sipping on Absolute cocktails. Crystal’s personal style is what you get when you mix John Waters in a blender with a copy of the film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.



tiffany hair ad - Copy

Tiffany’s energy is infectious.  I’m pretty sure she is secretly Sailor Moon. Her love for pizza is rivaled only by her dedication to her friends. She’s a dreamer who isn’t afraid to go for it and she throws her heart and soul into everything she does. Her sense of fashion is so creative and cute the tumblr website itself would grow sentient and become jealous if exposed to it in full doses.



princess hair ad - Copy

This hair isn’t inspired by my friends, it’s just hair I really, really wish I had in real life. In real life my hair resembles something like a bird’s nest in the middle of a hurricane. I can’t wait for the future technology that will let me change hair styles like I do in SL! Actually that’s already been invented. It’s called a wig. Good job, brain! Sheesh.


Happy Hair Fair everyone! I hope you have fun! ❤

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