(fd) For C88 Feb!

c88 feb 2014 promo

c88 feb 2014 promo bed


Hey, guys! We had a lot of fun making stuff for this round of C88. This theme was really ambiguous, as love can sometimes be. The mood board looked like little glimpses into different people’s love stories.  The photos seemed to have a lonely sort of feeling to them. The one exception being the photo of the boy and the girl which looks like a faded old memory. There were lots of mixes of vintage and modern in the clothes which I loved and tried to incorporate into my outfit. I decided to make my outfit as if the wearer had gone into the family’s attic and pulled clothes out of dusty boxes. Grandpa’s suspenders, mother’s scarf, brother’s shirts from before he moved away, etc.. Basically dressing her in the people she loves so she can carry them with her. The color palette is beautiful and I wanted the colors to really stand out without getting lost in each other so I threw in some pops of color and light pastels for people to play with.

My partner made a fantastically whimsical bed that I wish I could have 3d printed so I could spend my life laying in it. It comes with 4 poses, all of which can be moved around or put aside if you have other poses you’d like to use. The trees, comforter, bed, hanging sheet and bird cages are separate meshes meaning you can tint them and the tea set and bird cages can be moved around and put where ever you like! I’m really proud of what he’s done and I really hope you guys enjoy this round!


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