(fd) For C88 October


Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by Delia Deetz. Delia is strange. Everything about her is different from what you think it should be. She wears gloves in her hair and sweaters as pants. The nest she builds for her family is frightening and nothing about her is comforting or warm, which is what a mom should feel like. It was a brilliant choice by costume designer Aggie Guerard Rodgers to dress the character almost exclusively in Japanese designer fashion. As a child, Delia was more foreign to me than any of the other characters in the film because of her style.

The characters of this film have inspired me time and time again. They’re such interesting and extreme reflections of people from the late 80’s. I could not pass up the chance to make an outfit inspired by one of my favorite Tim Burton characters, so here you have it, my interpretation of Delia Deetz!

I hope you’re all having fun at C88!

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