Four new Designs @ C88!

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I am so, so ready for fall! We just had a record breaking heat wave in Northern California but the very next week the weather turned a corner. Now the air smells like leaves and wet asphalt. It’s intoxicating. I feel sort of like a werewolf every time fall rolls around. By the next full moon, I’ll have transformed into a pumpkin eating, ankle boot wearing, scented candle burning monster. I just can’t help it!

c88 september lingerie

Despite my basic bitch-ness, Collabor88 gives me great opportunities to get outside my usual routine and it means a lot to me for that reason. There’s something about the themes and mood board for Collabor88 that is really unique. While they tend to follow an overall vibe for the season, they tell a very specific story. The theme this month is Sweetcheeks by Amelie Knelstrom. The mood board feels like it’s made from snapshots of the love stories our grandparents tell. Stories full of whimsy, romance, and nostalgia.

c88 september dress

I was really inspired by the variety of texture I saw in the mood board. I couldn’t settle on just one or two textiles and most of the pieces can be layered with one another because I just love drastically mixing textures in similar hues. I hope you’ll give the demos a try and if you take any photos please add them to the (fd) flickr group because I’d love to see how you style them!

Here’s the taxi to C88:






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