C88 August Items In The Mainstore

c88 august mainstore update

I’m clinging to the last few days of summer here in California. I adore fall, but this summer has been really beautiful (when it wasn’t hellishly hot). It’s still a bit warm here with a cool breeze. All the leaves are falling and it’s making the air smell earthy and sweet.

I thought my items for the August round of Collabor88 would be the perfect pieces to blend fall and summer fashion. I made cozy, boho, chic and romantic versions of the items so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Lots of you will be happy to know that I recolored my knee high mesh socks with more neutral and pastel colors! I get asked about recolors for these frequently, it’s about time they’re out!

*This dress is now even more versatile as it is Slink Physique compatible! This is my first item made to go with Slink’s awesome mesh body. Please feel free to let me know what you think! I am always open to customer feedback and love to hear from you guys!

I hope your September is going great!

(fd) For C88 August

c88 aug promo 3b

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the late notice, it’s been one hell of a month so far! For this round I have a tight, cut-out dress and a dreamy, kimono inspired piece.

I wanted to do so much more for C88’s birthday event but I was too busy dealing with my 18-year-old cat’s declining health and passing. I hope you all have a wonderful and daydream filled time at the event! Oh, and hug your pets for me!

❤ Toast

(fd) For C88 Feb!

c88 feb 2014 promo

c88 feb 2014 promo bed


Hey, guys! We had a lot of fun making stuff for this round of C88. This theme was really ambiguous, as love can sometimes be. The mood board looked like little glimpses into different people’s love stories.  The photos seemed to have a lonely sort of feeling to them. The one exception being the photo of the boy and the girl which looks like a faded old memory. There were lots of mixes of vintage and modern in the clothes which I loved and tried to incorporate into my outfit. I decided to make my outfit as if the wearer had gone into the family’s attic and pulled clothes out of dusty boxes. Grandpa’s suspenders, mother’s scarf, brother’s shirts from before he moved away, etc.. Basically dressing her in the people she loves so she can carry them with her. The color palette is beautiful and I wanted the colors to really stand out without getting lost in each other so I threw in some pops of color and light pastels for people to play with.

My partner made a fantastically whimsical bed that I wish I could have 3d printed so I could spend my life laying in it. It comes with 4 poses, all of which can be moved around or put aside if you have other poses you’d like to use. The trees, comforter, bed, hanging sheet and bird cages are separate meshes meaning you can tint them and the tea set and bird cages can be moved around and put where ever you like! I’m really proud of what he’s done and I really hope you guys enjoy this round!


(fd) @ C88 Jan!


c88 unicorn ad copyHey guys! I finally got my C88 items out! It’s been crazy fixing everything! To make up for the fact that they’re so late I’ve taken $100 off the regular price and the unicorn is just 8L!  I’ve got 2 dresses, 2 jackets, 3 hairs, a fawn avatar and the unicorn! Hope you like them!!





c88 unicorns ad

A Touch Of Spring On Your Snow Day (C88)

c88 dec ad 01

Hi, everyone! This round at C88 I have a couple skirts and a cozy sweater. The theme this month is Snow Day and it’s super adorable. I strayed a bit from the theme because I was so in love with the color palette for this round. I adore the contrast between the fresh and rich colors. I wanted to play with clashing concepts this round, mixing a classic sweater with formal, club and boho skirts. Hope you like the items! Happy Holidays!


c88 dec ad 02

c88 dec ad 03

C88 November!

modern alchemist ad 2

modern alchemist ad 1

Hey, guys! I’ve got lots of stuff out for this super fun and whimsical C88 round. I’ve been really feeling lots of 70’s fashion lately so that’s the direction I thought I’d go. There was a bit of a love affair with the occult in the 70s that I think matches this theme really well. My only regret is I really wanted to make a Stevie Nicks type dress and I didn’t have time to do it. I’ll have to find a way to fit it in somewhere! Hope you guys are having a fun time with this round!

(fd) @ C88 October!

c88 october 1


Hey, guys! We’ve got a ton of stuff out for this round of C88! Two dresses, a coat, a shirt, shorts, thigh high heels, hair and oodles of skeleton jewelry! Needless to say, I love fall fashion! My partner and I had a really hard time narrowing down what to make this month and sadly we didn’t have time to do everything we wanted to for C88. However keep and eye out for new skins coming soon!

c88 october 2


c88 october 3


c88 october 4


c88 october 5

August C88 Stuff In The Store! (Odyssey) + Updates!

electric odyssey
*click for full size*


Hey, guys! Some of you have been asking for the Elysian Fields Dress and Medusa Jewelry set and I finally got them out in the main store! Sorry it took so long! I’ve also touched up the Immortal Hair and unrigged it so it’s modify now and doesn’t squish the outsides!

*Also for those of you who messaged us about not being able to buy the Assassin shoes (pictured) out at the current C88 we got that fixed so now you can get your hands on them and play with all the color options!

Taxi to the main store:  Tableau

Taxi to C88:  Collabor88


Feb, March, April & May C88 in Store!

fd store c88 update bw for blogI’ve been slacking in the main store updating department. Big time! But no more! Yes, the store is still in chaos but these items should be easy enough to find! Just go in the store and head left, they’re on the walls behind the skins. (New main store coming soon soon soon I swear!)

Update includes:


-Meteorite Belt

-Small Metal Collar

-Metallic Crop Top

-Mermaid Dress


-Kimono Top

-Comet Tail Skirt

-Space Shoes



-Bossy Bun

-Bossy Updo

-Bossy Ponytail




-Beat Up Jeans

-Long Button Shirt

-Fuzzy Cropped Sweater



-Full Spring Skirt

-Petal Wrap Skirt

-Spring Button Top

-Spring Plunge Corset

-Spring Skater Skirt

-Spring Wrap Top



And here’s a picture of my cat. Hopefully that makes up for slow updates!

cute bear