(fd) Striped Spring Set Update!

romper lula photo 2


I loved this set so much I decided I wanted to give it a little more detail and texture options. If you bought this during the April round of C88 then all you have to do is tp to my mainstore in Lula and use the redelivery terminal behind the front desk to send yourself the update!

Each color now comes with an extra stripe option (white stripes) and a HUD to cut down on the amount of items. The fatpack has everything, including 4 exclusive tropical prints. It’s also at a 37% discount (save $1,030) ❤

I also have the items listed on Marketplace if you’re like me and do most of your shopping online! Here are some quick links for MP shopping:



marketplace vendor spring set demo

FATPACK (4 exclusive prints)

marketplace vendor spring set fatpack


marketplace vendor spring set black

Blood Orange

marketplace vendor spring set blood orange


marketplace vendor spring set blue


marketplace vendor spring set brown


marketplace vendor spring set canary


marketplace vendor spring set coco


marketplace vendor spring set cream


marketplace vendor spring set grass


marketplace vendor spring set mint


marketplace vendor spring set navy


marketplace vendor spring set orange


marketplace vendor spring set pink


marketplace vendor spring set purple


marketplace vendor spring set red


(fd) For Uber September

ad tubetop denim skirt


ad bodysuit skirt


This time around I made four new items for Uber. I really couldn’t decide on just one aesthetic. I have a little something for everyone. A cozy knit bodysuit, a romatic lace skirt, a free-spirited tube top and a modern cutout denim skirt for those of you who are feeling more urban styles. The items play well together. I made sure the bodysuit would fit under both skirts. I also made sure the denim skirt fits over the recent leggings I made for C88. I love short skirts and leggings! Well, I love anything and leggings really.

Oh, and before I forget… Today is the last day to sign up for the (fd) rewards group without a fee so if you’re interested make sure to stop by my Lula location to sign up!



Four new Designs @ C88!

test upload delete later

I am so, so ready for fall! We just had a record breaking heat wave in Northern California but the very next week the weather turned a corner. Now the air smells like leaves and wet asphalt. It’s intoxicating. I feel sort of like a werewolf every time fall rolls around. By the next full moon, I’ll have transformed into a pumpkin eating, ankle boot wearing, scented candle burning monster. I just can’t help it!

c88 september lingerie

Despite my basic bitch-ness, Collabor88 gives me great opportunities to get outside my usual routine and it means a lot to me for that reason. There’s something about the themes and mood board for Collabor88 that is really unique. While they tend to follow an overall vibe for the season, they tell a very specific story. The theme this month is Sweetcheeks by Amelie Knelstrom. The mood board feels like it’s made from snapshots of the love stories our grandparents tell. Stories full of whimsy, romance, and nostalgia.

c88 september dress

I was really inspired by the variety of texture I saw in the mood board. I couldn’t settle on just one or two textiles and most of the pieces can be layered with one another because I just love drastically mixing textures in similar hues. I hope you’ll give the demos a try and if you take any photos please add them to the (fd) flickr group because I’d love to see how you style them!

Here’s the taxi to C88: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/179/192/1085






Marketplace Update 08.17

marketplace update

The new mainstore release is now up on marketplace! The swatches below link to the marketplace listings for easier shopping. I’d love to see how you guys style these pieces! Feel free to add them to the (fd) group on flickr!


vendor open party dress



vendor cropped collar tank



vendor cutout pencil skirt



Lots of new stuff at (fd) in Lula (and a free gift)!

ads august 2017 4

ads august 2017 3

ads august 2017 5

ads august 2017 1

ads august 2017 2

I am really excited to announce that in addition to the new clothes, I’ve started an in-world rewards group! The group will be free to join until September 25th. After the 25th, it will cost L$100 to join. Group members will get store credit with each purchase (excluding marketplace), access to sales, exclusive items and free gifts! August’s gift is a fatpack of the new shirt in four exclusive colors. The group joiner is a large sign on an oval table at the stairs. Just click the sign, then the link in the chat to join for free until September 25th! Here’s the taxi to Lula:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lula/228/127/24

group gift august 2017

Plastic Fantastic

dress fancy ad2

I love when a simple design can be incredibly bold. I knew exactly the direction I wanted to go when I saw the theme for the Collabor88 Birthday round. I really wanted to avoid kitschy nostalgia and instead opt for the theme’s futuristic and fanciful notes. I wanted to make something for risk-takers. This theme was the perfect opportunity!

dress fancy bw

fancy dress pic foggy


The dress comes in 3 different styles that mix modern textures with romantic colors and prints. There are 24 versions and 4 curated fatpacks that have a 30% discount. I hope you’ll come check it out! If you post pictures in the dress feel free to add them to the (fd) flickr group, I love to see how you guys style things!


Main store update!


Hey, guys! I was finally able to get my coin bikini updated to include more sizes! A lot of you have been asking me for this and I’m super happy to have it available now. Come try it on here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tableau/211/116/22 it’s right next to the landing point!

I’ve been trying to get this updated on MP but I am running into a lot of technical problems so it’s currently only at the main store.

(fd) for Hair Fair (all new textures!)

hair fair styles2

It has been so long since I’ve made hair! Too long, in fact. I completely forgot how satisfying it is to bring a mess of tubes in-world and watch it come to life when you start playing with colors. Hair Fair was the perfect opportunity to get back into the hair game and I am very excited to share my new dyes with you guys!

hair color chart

Here’s a landmark to the fair. I hope you’ll come check it out! 15% of all my sales at the fair go to Wigs For Kids.

P.S. Here is a look at the freebie choker you can pick up at my booth (it comes in six colors)!

hair fair freebie2