Some words before I put the skins out in a few days.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I think people would like to see different in my skins. Here are the changes I’ve made:

  • Different eyebrow shape options
  • A smooth skin and a dewy one
  • Freckles
  • Cleavage option
  • Totally added a vag for all y’all. Gonna start making vagina necklaces for etsy next.
  • Smoother stomach
  • Lighter shading around the face so your features shine through.
  • Many many skin tones!

So having done all that I realized that I’ll have to put my makeup on tattoo layers. If I didn’t it would take me weeks just to do the recolors and then I’d have to charge a ton for the skins to make up for all the time. Ain’t nobody want that! The last thing I want is to spend days and days saving, renaming, upoading, saving them in sl and then doing all the vendors. Not-uh!

Anyway here comes the confusing part:

I’ll be releasing the full skins at Fashionably Dead in Tableau. However I’ll be making some makeups for it at Collabor88 (just to be clear, I’ll be releasing the base skins and the makeups on the 8th but in different places).  I would have liked to release the skin sooner but I’ve had a hard time getting the face to look detailed but still versatile. I think I’ve drawn at least five different faces! Hopefully you like it! If you don’t please send my CSR Jezibell Thorne a notecard detailing what you don’t like and I’ll do my best to put that information to good use!


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