(fd) For Uber September

ad tubetop denim skirt


ad bodysuit skirt


This time around I made four new items for Uber. I really couldn’t decide on just one aesthetic. I have a little something for everyone. A cozy knit bodysuit, a romatic lace skirt, a free-spirited tube top and a modern cutout denim skirt for those of you who are feeling more urban styles. The items play well together. I made sure the bodysuit would fit under both skirts. I also made sure the denim skirt fits over the recent leggings I made for C88. I love short skirts and leggings! Well, I love anything and leggings really.

Oh, and before I forget… Today is the last day to sign up for the (fd) rewards group without a fee so if you’re interested make sure to stop by my Lula location to sign up!



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