Hair Fair Teasers Part 1



hair fair logo thing


Y’all know the drill! It’s hair fair time. As a designer it really gives me fuel to keep going when I’m in events like this. It’s so inspiring to see the well known brands with their crazy technical innovations every year and new brands with that fresh style and spark that’s impossible to capture. That’s the stuff that breathes new life into SL for me. The stuff that gets me excited to sit down and sketch out ideas. I spend most of my time in SL in my work room. I so rarely get out to explore (the thing that got me interested in the game in the first place) but in events like this I get to peek my head out of my shell and look around. It’s always great!


Most years I try to come up with coherent themes for my hair fair releases. Last year I did modern interpretations of the five main Sailor Scouts. This theme, while it’s not clear to anyone but me, is based off my best friends (well, four of them are, the 5th is just my dream hair)! Below are my teasers and a little bit about the girls who inspired the looks.



olli hair ad - Copy

My friend Olli is a unicorn that has transformed into a human. If you’ve seen The Last Unicorn you’re already familiar with the process. She has a kind and forgiving nature that is the source of her strength! Polished in a romantic and classic style, Olli always looks like she’s meant to be exactly where she is. Her keen eye for detail adds a bit of whimsy to everything she does. A lover of French bakeries, 80’s music and a collector of 1920’s fashion magazines, Olli is undoubtedly a cutie-pie!



momo hair had

Momo has a big heart, one that’s full of Lynyrd Skynyrd Christmas albums, dog love and cult classics. She’s the kind of girl who makes you feel home where ever you are. She has an uncanny sixth sense for style that always leaves her looking effortlessly cool. Native to the southern United States, a wild Momo can be found swimming in creeks and foraging for gold in record shops.


❤ More teasers tomorrow!

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